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Common Roofing Problems That May Require Roof Repairs or Replacement

The roof plays an important role in the building, shielding it from the weather elements. However, the roof is not immune to problems and this is why it is recommended that you pay close attention to the roof by choosing the best Estero Roofing Company to handle installation, inspection and roof maintenance.

It is important to note that even with the best maintenance routine, the roof may still present some common problems that may compromise your health, safety, and finances. As a property owner, below are some of the most common roof problems you are most likely to face.

Pooled Water

Pooled water is never a good sign, irrespective of where you find it in your home. Pooled water inside the home may signify that you have some problems with your plumbing or this may be a result of damage to your roof. When you notice the continuous appearance of pooled water in your home, there is a need to take prompt action to ensure that this problem is investigated and solved as fast as possible.
If not as a result of plumbing problems, then pooled water suggests that your roof has been compromised and when left unattended to, space from which the water had gained entrance into your home will become wider, opening you up to greater danger and more money in repairs and utility bills. Call on a trusted company that performs Roof Repair Estero to first inspect the roof and decide on the best line of action.

Clogged Gutters can affect the health of your roof

Gutters are mainly designed to improve the health of the roof by channeling rainwater away from the roof and away from the building. However, over time, gutters may become clogged due to the presence of debris and organic materials. When such clogs are not properly attended to, it can lead to water backup or sedentary water that may cause problems like roof rot. Gutter cleaning can be done twice a year to guarantee the safety of the roof.

Nearby Trees cause roof damage

For people who live in areas that are rich in vegetation and trees, your roof may become a victim of the tree when it is not properly groomed. In cases of a heavy storm, tree limbs can break and this may land directly on the roof causing damage to the area of impact. In other cases, trees may fall due to ill-health and break parts of the roof, exposing the home to rodent attacks and other pest situations. To prevent this, it is recommended that trees be properly pruned.

Faulty Installations leading to roof problems

Important factors contributing to the health of the roof are; the quality of roofing material and the expertise of the roof installer. Any problems with either of these factors will lead to roof problems. To protect yourself from installation problems, it is recommended that you take as much care as possible when selecting a roofer to handle your installation needs. A roofer that offers a warranty on the roofing services offered may be able to attend to this problem at no extra cost.


One of the commonest roof issues most homeowners have experienced at one point or the other is roof leaks. The extent of the damage to the roof will determine the severity of the leak. In some cases, roof leaks may not be caught until the hole or crack has widened over time. A good way to catch roof leaks is by regularly inspecting your roof, a routine maintenance practice that can be conducted twice a year.

Once leaks have been detected, it is important to reach out to appropriate and experienced roofers to handle the problem that may have been caused by broken slates, cracked tiles, damage to the roof flashing, or in some cases, missing or broken shingles. The Roof Replacement Estero company can handle the repair of this problem, replacing missing or broken shingles with new ones and safeguarding your property.

Cracking and Blistering

Irrespective of the roof material that you have chosen for your property, it is important that you should know that there is an average life expectancy for the material. While many roof materials can last between 15 and 25 years when properly maintained, others that aren’t maintained may begin to show signs of blistering and cracking much earlier.
Blistering and cracking of the roof is an indication of the roofing material’s old age and this may lead to other potential problems when not properly attended to. Cracked roofs can lead to water penetration causing flooding or other forms of water damage. It is recommended that you seek the expertise of a roofing professional fast for possible solutions.

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