How often should you have the roof of your home or business inspected? If it’s brand new and said to last over 30 years, what is there to maintain? Spending some money on maintenance now helps you save money in the long run. Keep reading to find out the best ways to maintain your roof.

Roof repair Maintenance

Why is Roof Maintenance Important?

The roof is literally the apex of your home or business. It keeps you dry, keeps you safe, and holds your building together. Keeping up with roof maintenance means getting more years out of it than you thought possible. Leaving it alone means possible damage and replacing it earlier than its warranty date.

Reactive vs. Proactive

There are two types of roof maintenance: reactive and proactive. Reactive means that you call professionals after you notice problems like a leaky ceiling. Proactive means you have multiple roof inspections a year and complete any necessary maintenance. Paying for regular maintenance means saving yourself from having to pay more for reactive repairs. 

Research shows that proactively maintaining your roof will extend its life. A properly maintained roof can last up to 21 years. Reactively maintaining a roof shortens its lifespan down to 13 years. Obviously, extending your roof’s longevity by doing roof maintenance saves you money in the long run.

roofing leaks and repair

Prevention vs. Emergency Repairs

Routine roof maintenance saves you money and is absolutely vital. Once you notice a leak, it’s already been in your attic for a while. Take care of issues before they become a problem for you and your wallet. Try to get your roof inspected at least twice a year. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Roof

There are several steps that you can take to extend the lifespan of your roof. Completing them regularly will help you spot new issues right away. You’ll be able to prevent bigger issues from occurring later on. Some steps you can complete yourself, but they’re also included in most roof maintenance programs. 

Roof issues

Look for Warning Signs

Some signs are easy to spot, and others are more difficult. You’ll likely need a roofing inspector to catch the difficult ones ahead of time. Warning signs include bad shingles, moss, saggy spots, dark streaks, and issues inside your building. If you see any of these issues, call a professional to help you fix them.

Bad Shingles

If you see any cracked shingles on your roof, they will need to be replaced. If any of them look like they’re in bad shape, get them replaced before winter. Defects like these can allow moisture to get through the roof and into your house. One cracked shingle can lead to a whole host of problems for you later on. 

moss on roof tiles


When moss starts to grow on your roof, you may have a rot issue. Moss needs moisture, so if it’s on your roof, there’s possibly rot beneath the shingles. If that’s the case, shingles, rotten boards, and plywood would need to be replaced. If the roof sags anywhere, you have possible structural damage and should consult an expert. 

Old Roof

If your roof is getting old, have it inspected. A roof inspector can look everything over for you and give you a quote. Sometimes they can piece it together, other times you’ll need a new roof. 

Dark Streaks on Roof

Dark streaks appear on your roof when airborne algae stick to it over time. The streaks are not harmful to your roof but could lead to moss. Use bleach and water to treat the spots, then rinse gently with a garden hose. 

Inside Issues

Look at your roof from the inside. If you see any light penetrating or stains that means it’s most likely leaking, and you should feel around for water. If the insulation is damp, you’ve got a leak. If you have bubbles or discoloration on your ceiling, water is getting in somehow.

Use Quality Material and Services

When you replace your roof, make sure you’re using high-quality roofing material. Using cheaper materials will cost you more money in the end than what you saved. Also, use a highly-skilled roofing company to install that material. Trying to save money in the beginning will likely cost you more in the end. 

Proper Insulation and Ventilation

Adequate ventilation prevents the build-up of moisture and heat in your attic. These issues lead to cracked shingles, roof rot, and a loss of insulation capacity. 

Set Money Aside for Roof Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to save a little each paycheck for household repairs. Roof maintenance fees should be a part of those savings. It helps to save up for those times before the actual need arises. Saving for a rainy day will take away the stress that comes with roof problems. Below are some other maintenance items you should also consider as part of your roof maintenance.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters get clogged, you’ll have a build-up of debris. Add rain and snow to that, and you’ll have severe problems for you by springtime. One of the most important preventive measures you can take is cleaning your gutters.

clean debris from roof

Debris Removal

Throughout the years, tree branches, leaves, and other debris tend to land on top of your roof. If they remain, you’ll have issues with broken shingles, leaking, and clogged gutters. Cleaning debris off your roof makes it look better, and it increases its longevity.

Roof Surface Repairs

Don’t leave damage to your roof unattended. Cracks, broken shingles, and leaks need to be taken care of as soon as possible. A professional can come in and fix the problem straight away. Leaving the problem alone will only lead to other larger problems that cost more money. 

Pipe Seals and Caulking

One simple and effective way to prevent leaks in your roof is to caulk around pipes and vents on your roof. Caulking is not difficult, but you may want to hire a professional to avoid injury.

Bi-Annual Roof Inspections

The best time to set up an inspection is before any extreme weather season. In Florida, make sure you get your roof inspected before hurricane season starts. This guarantees your roof is safe before extreme conditions set in. The last thing you want is a leaky roof during a tropical storm. 

How To Save on Commercial Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofs consist of three different parts; a steel deck, insulation, and a waterproofing membrane. If any of those three parts malfunction, your roof will need immediate repair. As waterproofing membranes begin to break down, they start to leak. This then leads to the deterioration of the insulation and steel decking. 

By the time you notice a leak in your building, the damage has already occurred. If moisture gets into the insulation, it becomes a larger issue before you even notice. That is why routine roof inspections are so important. They can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Roof Maintenance

Estero Roofing Pros Are Here to Help

Maintaining a roof takes time, effort, and money. A number of the actions we mentioned above are things that you can do yourself. However, there are some steps that you may feel more comfortable using professionals for. We provide free estimates for roof maintenance, roof repair, and roof installation. 

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